Take it easy – take YoUrban!
YoUrban stands for real city bloomers.
Plants with great, unusual colors,
heat and sun tolerant - all summer long!
- 360° Experience -

Easy care and robust

YoUrban are the perfect balcony plant for both shade and sun, and their ease of care is hard to beat.
Due to the firm petals and its sturdy, strong shoots, it defies rain and storms, even cold spells, which are not so rare in the summer.

YoUrban blooms tirelessly throughout the summer and delights with its great flowers. YouUrban is ideal for flower beds, balconies and planters. If you love Impatiens (busy lilies) and would also like to see them in very sunny garden beds or containers on sunny terraces / balcony places, will hit the bull's eye with this new breeding!

The ideal location

Partial shade or sun - it doesn't matter. YoUrban always cuts a fine figure, as a single plant, in a hanging basket or combined with other summer plants. Tip: In combination with grasses and other green decorative plants YoUrban looks even more striking.

Fertilizing necessary?

The answer is clear: yes. Just as they need water for growth, they also need nutrients. As the plants grow larger over the summer: 1 time per week flower fertilizer added to the watering water.

The colors

Would you like to create your flower bed in one color or liven it up with color variety? YoUrban is available in white, magenta and orange.


This beautiful white summer flower shines in clear white and convinces with an incredibly high number of unique blooms. Due to its bright appearance, it brings joy to any place and brings the sun directly into the soul.


If you want to have gorgeous blooming plants throughout the summer, then YoPink is just what you need. From April until well into the fall, the many colorful inflorescences will bring you joy.


Our YoOrange presents itself in bright orange and thus directly catches the eye. Whether in the bed, on the terrace or the balcony - this color sets accents everywhere. With its lush blooms, it provides joy throughout the summer and into the fall.


regularly and abundantly


14-daily with liquid fertilizer

Flowering time

May till October




Browse through our gallery and let yourself be enchanted by the flowering splendor of YoUrban:

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